Browny, The Notorious Cat


I called him Browny because his coat has light and dark brown colour. He came to our house few months ago. Belongs to no one and probably been living on the street since born because Browny was once a very fierce and wild. No way anyone can be near him let alone cuddle him.

Often leaving food for him on the pavement, he started to hang around our house more often. The other cats hated him and so did him. But eventually they get along well. At least no fight occur between them. His eats everything. Rice, fish, Whiskas, wet cat food, bread etc. Now, he allows me to pat his head without making growling sound. His fierce eyes now are getting more calm and tame. But no way he will allow anyone to cuddle him. Probably he thinks cuddling is not cool 😛

His favourite place to sleep is on the rooftop of the car and he loves chasing the birds and the squrrels. He’s no longer the notorious cat in the neighbourhood but a big cat with lots of love ♥

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