Bastard Wantan Mee Stall Owner Section 17 PJ

Bastard Wantan Mee Stall Owner Section 17 PJ

This is the injuries of the dog after being poured by the  FUCKING BASTARD wantan mee stall owner
at PJ area section 17!

This dog suffered severe injuries. This dog has been tortured by this wan tan mee stall owner. He pour steaming hot water to all stray dogs / cats which passes by his stalls. I only manage to take a picture of this particular dog as it was rescued by an old lad staying nearby. This wan tan mee stall is located at SS17 Lucky Restaurant. There are alot of witness including the Restaurant owner but as usual no one will help. The poor dog’s skin bleed instantly and was crying for pain when this moron pour the hot water onto it’s body. Please help to spread this story and the authority can take action towards this man.

This is the idiot guy ( in yellow shirt ) who poured the hot water onto the dog.



Source: Facebook.

To all my Chinese friends, please boycott this stall!

Bastard Wantan Mee Stall Owner Section 17 PJ

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14 thoughts on “Bastard Wantan Mee Stall Owner Section 17 PJ”

  1. The wan tan mee stall owner will need to settle for his cruel actions. We cannot escape karma.

  2. Immediate action must be taken against this cruel stallowner selling wantan mee in Section 17. He has been pouring boiling hot water on any dog or cat that passes by his stall. I received a posting in whatsapp showing a picture of d horrifuc injuries to one dog. Would like to forward d posting. How can i do that without a handphone no.

  3. Yes he is a bastard. Get the police to charge him for cruelty to animals, he deserve a dose of his own boiling soup all over hus body. From this act you can see how cruel a mam he is. Poor family of his

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