National Achievers Conference-Day 3

It’s the last day. Time flies so fast. The day started with Ron Kaufman. He is an expert in customer service and currently working in Singapore. He shared lots of tips and inspiring ideas on how to serve your customer better. This is one of the topic that I really focused on because this is what I am doing now in my business.

Ron Kaufman

I even captured his presentation screens too! Some of the good stuff that I learnt from his session:

  • Why build an uplifting service culture? Competitive necessity, rising expectations, people performance, increased profits and loyalty
  • Do what you do so well that they will come back and bring their friend-Walt Disney
  • Categories of value: Primary product, delivery system, service mindset and ongoing relationship
  • Blame, shame and excuses do not make things better. Take personal responsibility
  • walking the talk
  • A world where people are educated and inspired to excel in service

Ron Kaufman

Too bad he don’t have any course coz if he does (and if I can afford it), I will definitely want to learn more from him. The best part is, he’s producing a book which will be available in May 2012. What! That long. Oh boy….in the mean time, I signed up his newsletter in his website to start learning from him.

After his session, I managed to joined the long queue at the back of the hall to get Adam Ginsberg autographed my book.

National Achievers Conference 2011

Andy Harrington
Me and Andy Harrington

Next session, Marcus de Maria. He’s a well-respected stock market and wealth educator. He talks about stocks which is not my favourite topic. But he surely a good speaker and managed to deliver his message effectively.

Marcus de Maria

Marcus de Maria


Marcus de Maria

Marcus de Maria shared with us:

  • Why trading/investing good: no staff, customers or boss, simple, anyone can do it. Slow starting capital. 10 minutes a day max.
  • Flexible, recession proof, in control at all time, better u get, more money u make
  • You must take control of your financial future
  • Know what you want, why wanted it
  • Napoleon Hill said: focus on 2 thing – have a mastermind team and purpose
  • There is only one failure…the failure to play FULL OUT

At the end of his session, he sells his 2 days workshop here in Kuala Lumpur for RM5497.

Next and the second last speaker on stage: Ewen Chia from Singapore.

Ewen Chia

He claimed that he is the no 1 in Internet affiliate. Internet business is awesome because no risk, no rental, no inventory, no capital, no geographical or time constraint. He also promotes his own software that he created to make website easily. But sincerely, he is so boring. So monotone. He should enrolled in Andy Harrington’s course. At the end of the program, he introduced his Real Internet Success Program. He’s definitely not a favourite speaker. Sorry, Ewen. But I am interested in your affiliate program.

The most awaited speaker: Lour Ferrigno a.k.a The Incredible Hulk!

Lou Ferrigno

and this is his business card. Too bad I didn’t get to keep it, only to borrowed it for a while..LOL!

Lou Ferrigno Business Card

Lou Ferrigno

Lou Ferrigno

He is a very interesting man. He lost most of his hearing when he was a kid due to ear infection.

Lou Ferrigno

Some of his wisdom words and his stories:

  • fear makes you anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate makes you suffer.
  • He was so poor, he had to make his own weight from cement
  • He only belives in ‘Just Do It, Believe In Yourself’
  • He is a big believer in taking risks in life
  • One day, he went to a beach. No space to park his car. So he lifted a car and moved it to the middle of the road. He parked his car in the space. The  car owner yelled at him. A police car came and the car owner yelled at the policeman, telling how Lou lifted his car.  At the end, the policeman gave the car owner tickets  for disturbing peace, yelling at policeman and double-park!
  • Do not be a slave to your fear. Fear is powerful. There’s no profit and wisdom in fear
  • Stay ‘hungry’ in everything you do. Take action. Get out of denial
  • Self-believe, consistency follow to success. Determination, the driving force
  • At the age of 57, he was challenged to join in police academy to become a sheriff!

Lou Ferrigno and Adam Ginsberg

Before the 3 days program end, all speakers went up the stage and sang a song together.

National Achievers Conference 2011
Almost all the speakers on stage

Conclusion: I will be here again next year for National Achievers Conference 2012!






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