National Achievers Conference 2011-Day 2

Sorry folks for the very late updated on the National Achievers Conference Day 2 and Day 3. Well, here’s the story:

Deborah Torres Patel

The day started with Deborah Torres Patel talking about the power of voice. We sang I Believe I Can Fly. She said that music is a tool, music is a gift. She’s also offering course on voice power. She will teach how to use your voice to empower.

Kevin GreenKevin Green is the UK’s largest and most successful residential property landlords. Interesting about him, he was a homeless. Hardship in live drives him where he is now. A property guru. He said, “The golden rule of business is 70% of what I hold is investment, 30% is trade”.

Kevin Green

The statement that he made which I will remember forever is ‘Never look at the price of the shovel when you are digging for gold’. At the end of the session, he also offered a course to learn and train about making money from property.

Adam Ginsberg

Next, Adam Ginsberg the eBay guru on stage.  He also has very interesting background. He was in 80k debt. He borrowed some more money and open a furniture store. His mum is the one that suggested that he sells in eBay. He refused until his mom insisted and he did his first transaction because his mom forced him to.

Adam Ginsberg

The first item that he sold on eBay was a billiard table. He sold it $300 more that the pricetag in his furniture store. From then, he never look back. He made $20 million in eBay sales in 3 and a half years. He said, “Either make money or you make excuses”, “If you want to get results, you will have yo bear with pain”. He said that 16% of all online transaction happened in eBay. The best part, he even show live demo on how he place bids on eBay. 924,000 people now selling in eBay and doing it full time.

He shared some tips too. First, start by selling stuffs around your house…except your animals, your kids and your spouse! LOL! He also demo his new software on how to optimize eBay. At the end of the session, he offered his course. I wanted so badly to buy it….almost 4K! But when I went home and google his name, I read lots of complaints about his courses. A friend who sat next to me signed up his course. Will asked her on what she learns from the course.

Ron White

Next on stage, the world renowned memory expert…Ron White. He started his session by asking double digit numbers from the audience. Then he memorized the names of the participants sitting in the VIP rows. Fantastic memory!

Ron WhiteHe even shared some tips. Good food for memory: Omega 3 fish oil, acai berry, spinach, blueberry, good nutrition and good exercise helps to improve your memory. To have a good memory: focus, file, picture, glue and review. He was tested to remember price tag of stuffs in a hardware store.  Associate with picture to memorize. He was kicked out of college too. He offered 2 days course on Brain Athlete seminar in July. The price is RM7997.

Andy Harrington

The last speaker of the day is Andy Harrington. It’s a good formula to put him as the last speaker because he was funny and very energetic. He shared some good quotes too:

Andy Harrington

  • The most powerful nation in the world is your imagination
  • Advertise in your own mind
  • It can be frustrating when you can’t open the door of success
  • The door can’t be open because it is being pushed or pulled the wrong way
  • Give first, instil value and get rewarded
  • Make your goals so big and inspiring that it makes your problems seem insignificant
  • Undo the negative unconditioning of the past
  • There are people that are willing to pay for the knowledge that you have
  • Program yourself for success by removing mental barrier
  • Ask and you shall receive


Andy Harrington


Andy Harrington

Andy Harrington

Andy Harrington

At the end of the session, Andy promotes his course. Power To Achieve. RM 2997. If I can afford, I’ll definitely choose his course. He is a totally awesome guy. He even has a program called Public Speaking University. Cool!

That’s the end of day 2 🙂






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