National Achievers Conference 2011-Day 1

I am so lucky that a client of 9E gave me a ticket to attend the National Achievers Conference 2011 which was held in Sunway Convention Centre from 27th May 2011 for 3 days. This is probably my second time in a conference where all the speakers are experts in various fields from all over the world. The first one was SEACHANGE in 2009.

National Achievers Conference 2011

Knowing that there will be hundreds of people attending it and the prospect of not getting a nice parking space, I departed from home at 7.30 am and reached there by 8.15am. Found a nice spot to park, there were already lots of people everywhere. I went to the registration booth to exchange my ticket with a wristband and a program book. I got the General ticket. Means, the cheapest price so the seats were at the back. I went inside and found a nice spot at 3rd row from in front. The Gold area is the middle area and the most front is the VIP area.

National Achievers Conference 2011

National Achievers Conference 2011

National Achievers Conference 2011

The program started at 9.00am. Adam Ginsberg and Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk) stepped onto the stage to be introduced to the participants. Then Adam Ginsberg talked about creating wealth and some stuff which I really can’t remember because he was reading it from the notes. Boring. The best part was when he started to gaveaway free books and some the audiences started to ran forward to get it. Which at the end, he announced that he will be giving everyone a book each. So I went to the booth 3 steps away from my seat to get mine.

Adam Ginsberg

Adam Ginsberg wrote a book entitled The Legacy Effect. It’s a non-fiction story. I’ve read a chapter. Pretty good. But I can’t wait to hear him telling his real story and what he really do.

1st speaker of the day is Richard Duncan. He works in financial sector. Travel all over the world advising governments and private sectors on financial stuff. He was explaining about paper money and how the economy is affected by it. He talks about lots of scary stuff and my impression was…the world is gonna end soon. I wonder how he can talked so calmly about all this scary stuff. He also said that Malaysia should dig all the oil and sell them coz soon oil will be no value as other technologies to create energy will come in. Here are some of his slides:

Richard Duncan
Richard Duncan
Richard Duncan
Richard Duncan

At the end of the session, he sold 2 books written by himself. I really love his session. Now I understand a bit more about the economy of the world and how it creates impacts in our life. I will also remember his facourite quote ‘Every boom burst and every bubble pops’

Lunch break for one hour. I’m kind of disappointed with the organizer for not being sensitive. Why can’t they break the program from 1pm – 2pm so that muslim participants would have ample time to perform Zuhur prayer? Instead, the break start from 12pm and we need to come back by 1pm. Organizer Success Resources boasted that they’ve been seminar organizer for years and doing it all over the world. And yet they are taking this lightly. Best part, they provide time for Sunday prayer before the seminar on Sunday started. Discrimination? Insensitive?

Next, a lovely 12 years old girl from Brunei who is a cancer survivor entertained the audience with 2 songs. Man….she is seriously talented! Real talent. At the end of her performance, the whole floor donated money to helped her setting up a foundation to help other cancer kids. I couldn’t remember her name. Veneaa I think. Seriously one talented girl. About RM14,000 were collected from the floor. Pretty awesome!

The second speaker of the day was Kerwin Rae. He is expert in joint venture and helping small businesses grow big. He is a one funny guy and he totally delivered his knowledge in fun way. He also talk on how Disney and McDonald’s joint venture helped both organization grow big. At the end of his session, he promoted his seminars which will be held in KL. Cost about RM5000++ I think. If I have extra cash, I would definitely sign up to learn more from him.

Kerwin Rae


KErwin Rae

His most memorable quote: “Sale is not a sale until the money is in the bank’, ‘Word of mouth is the best marketing tool because it’s from a trusted source’, ‘Perception of high value at low cost offer’, ‘create an irresistible offer’

He also shared 6 steps to JV: market & pattern, identify business, offer, the right approach, close the deal and get an endorsement’

He also said that he invested heavily in education and now enjoying the return. Education is not only college degree and PhD but seminars, coaching, workshop and etc,

Tom Gentile

The third speaker of the day was Tom Gentile. He talks about Optionetics and how to make money by rental income on stocks. This is one of the topic that I wasn’t interested because stocks and shares are alien to me. Not so alien coz both of my parents are players but I just couldn’t bear seeing lots of numbers. So I just seat quietly and read the book that I got from Adam Ginsberg.

Tom Gentile

Tom Gentile will also be organizing a seminar on stocks in Malaysia. His seminar fee is RM3,888 for 3 days if I’m not mistaken. Gee…these speaker can make million easily with selling 3 days seminar.

The last speaker of the day was Tony Martinez. During this time, many participants already leave the arena. So we were allowed to shifted in front to the gold seating area. Nice.

Tony Martinez

Tony Martinez is a good looking guy and funny too. He talks about how to make money from tax lien certificate. This is the first time I heard such thing and apparently it is available in United States. This is how it works: You buy a property cert. It’s a few percent from the total value of the property. You earn interest from it on monthly basis. If the property owner failed to pay the tax, the district will take the house and give it to the cert owner. The cert owner can keep the house or sell the house.

Tony Martinez

It is seriously interesting till it sounds like too good to be true too. For non-US citizens to involve it, you need to have a US address, US bank account and Tax ID. Which his company able to help. So at the end of his session, many quickly ran to the booth to sign up with his course.

If I bought a property in United States, I will buy the tax cert for that property as well so that other people cannot get my property even if I failed to pay. Could that be it? Hahaha….

That’s the end of the first day program. Oh yes, there was a lucky draw and a Malay female participant won an iPad2. Lucky her!





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  1. Haris Abdul Rahman Avatar

    Nice write-up and sounded like a good session you had there. However, I found the title of the whole conference misleading as I was expecting local speakers talking about how they have achieve in the local set up. The title should have been International Achievers rather. Interesting none the less.

    1. Sharifah Sharina Syed Aswad Avatar

      Yeah, I do agree with you doc. But there are chats and talks on creating such events for local speakers. I hope it will happen someday.

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