How To Capture Scrolled Webpage Using FireShot

I’ve been getting headache on how to capture scrolled webpage using the new SnagIt. It was easy when using the old version. After playing around it for months and failed, I started to googled for other solution and I found a free FireFox add-on that can do that.

If you googled for solution, you will find that many user said that the problem is due to FireFox certain version, Windows 7, SnagIt certain version and etc. I hate to uninstall and reinstall that certain version just to make the scrolled capture work. So I found FireShot, installed the add-on in FireFox and it works perfectly. Here how it works:

Browser: Mozilla FireFox 3.6.8
Operating System: Windows 7 Home edition
FireFox add-on: FireShot (Free)

Step 1: Go to FireShot website and download it. It has two version: FireFox and Internet Explorer.

Step 2:  Download whichever version you want, install it and restart your browser.

Step 3: Open the website that you want to screen capture. 

Step 4: Right click-FireShot-Capture Entire Page and – Edit (you own preference)

Step 5: If you choose Edit, it will open up the editing 

Step 6: Click at Select button and highlight the area that you need to be cropped later if you don’t want to use the entire screen capture.

Step 7: Use the editing tools on the right side to suit your need. If you want to crop the part that you have selected, click the Crop button

Step 8: Finally, you have the screen capture that you want. Now you can save it.

Have fun using FireShot 🙂






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