5C, 5B or 5K?

NO MORE 5C ‘ S BUT NEW 5B ‘ S……….
I don ‘ t need a CAR, but I want a BMW
I don ‘ t need a CONDO, but I want a BUNGALOW
I don ‘ t need you to have CASH but I want you to own a BANK
I don ‘ t need you to have a CAREER but I want you to be a BOSS
It ‘ s interesting for you to read!

Most of you would have heard of the Singapore 5C ‘ s! :
Car, Condo, Credit Card (Gold), Cash and Career

Heard of the 5B ‘ s?
B – Body
B – Brain
B – Billionaire
B – Bungalow

And, and addition with the 5K ‘ s……….. ……… .
Kiasu (scared of losing)
Kiasee (scared of dying)
Kiabor (scared of wife)
Kiaboh (scared of having nothing)
Kiachenghu (scared of government)

We ‘ ve been reading about the 5C ‘ s! And 5K ‘ s for Singaporeans now comes the 5 Numerals and Malaysia ‘ s equivalent.. .

Singapore ‘ s ‘ pra ct ice ‘ for Simple Living:
1 – One Wife
2 – Two Children
3 – Three Bedroom Condo
4 – Four Wheels
5 – Five Figure Salary

Malaysia ‘ s Malays ‘ pra ct ice ‘ to Simple Living:
5 – Five Children
4 – Four Wives
3 – Three Figure Salary
2 – Two Wheels
1 – One-Storey Link House






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