7th Anniversary Express-All-You-Want Contest

Extdk.net was born late last year. It’s an idea of my super senior, Dr Jam. Previously, Terendakians were scattered all over the cyber world and separated according to batches. Dr Jam came up with the idea and he himself took the trouble to setup a place for all Terendakians from all batches to ‘lepak’ in a forum. It is called Extdk.net

In less than 6 months, the forum manage to attract more than 1300 Terendakians from all over the world. It’s a place where young and old, senior and junior Terendakians share stories, histories and sweet memories from the years they stayed in maktab. Now the forum becomes a place where the relationship between batches are strengthen.

The forum went through a lot of ups and downs. It was down for several days when Dr Jam went to Indonesia for work. At that time, we were ‘tumpang’ our forum on Dr Jam’s office server. We took the whole thing down (so sorry!). Then we decided to get our own hosting.

We choose an oversea hosting called Hostgator. Sounds reliable and cheap too with unlimited bandwidth. We collected RM50 from those who wanted to donate. It’s RM50 per month. It went smooth, the forum change its look and everyone is happy. But early this month, something bad happen. The other admin, Malyoi went to Colombo and the forum down again. We were without the forum for almost a week, I think. Malyoi tried to get Hostgator to help but hopeless. It’s just because of one tiny programming error and we were mad at the hosting company for pulling the website down without warning. We close the account and now again, we ‘tumpang’ on Dr Jam’s personal hosting account.

We are searching up and down for new place to host our home. Dr Jam suggest a company called Exabytes. My first impression, surely it will be expensive. I’ve heard Exabytes since my days with Bincang.net and no doubt their service is good but not sure we can afford them or not. Dr Jam contact Exabytes and receive the quotation. EbizPlus Linux RM438 for 2 years! Wow….that’s a lot cheaper than what we are paying to the oversea hosting.

We will be having a meeting among admin and moderator this coming Monday during the badminton session. I strongly believe we will be changing to Exabytes soon. Hoorayy…now we can have the chatbox again.

29 days to Jubli Perak celebration…






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