Amanda’s Wedding Reception

Date: 29th December 2007
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Novotel Hotel

Amanda invited us to her wedding reception by passing the message through Azie. Awin, Mas, Wana and me went to Novotel at 8pm, got lost and arrived safely at 8.30pm. We missed the major part of the ceremony where one of our fellow CBNer sang few songs for the day but we were glad that we were there coz our former class teacher attended the reception too. It was held in a private function room serving chinese style food. The food was good.

Amanda and Andrew gave speech

Nik Yazmin in her lovely fuschia pink Mary Jane Crocs dress

The fish looks good…I should have snapped the after part


Dessert of lychee and pudding

I gave up eating with the chopstick. Most of it landed on the table instead of into my mouth :p

Mas and Huda having fun at the party

Amanda Quek introduce us to her husband and her family

Cake-cutting ceremony

Our gang, Amanda, Andrew and Amanda’s neighbour

CBNers SPM97 with Mrs Liew who taught me Geography when I was in Form 1.

The CBNers with Mrs Liew, the bride and the bridegroom

To Amanda and Andrew, congratulation and may both of you live happily ever after 🙂






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