External DVD-Writer

Since I had the Rapidshare Premium account, I’ve been downloading CSI season 7, 8 and now going backwards, Criminal Minds, lots of documentary from Discover and National Geographic and other interesting series which I hardly able to catch up on tv. Thanks to Premium account, Internet Download Manager and my 120Gb external hard disk, I am able to store those huge video files.

But now I realize that soon, my 120GB hard disk will run out of space. Yet I have more files that I need to download from Rapidshare. It’s time to get a DVD Writer.

I browsed through Low Yat forum and found a topic to sell external DVD-writer. It’s not the portable type but it’s an internal DVD-writer inside an external 5.25″ external casing. That guy bought it RM250 and selling it RM150 after using it for a month. He needed the money to repair his car. I smsed him and nego. He agreed to let it go at RM130. So today I met him near TAR College since he studies there to collect the stuff.

The 5.25″ External case

It requires AC power, comes with USB 2.0 and a fan to cool it down

Imation DVD-Writer

I guess this has complete my essential gadgets. I wonder what will I need next?







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