Reunion CBN – Part 1

Awsome! That’s the best word to describe the 10 years reunion of Convent Bukit Nanas girls. That will be 12 years for me coz I left CBN after form 3. Thanks to Nik Yazmin and Azie who had done great job in organizing everything from providing place, food and etc. The reunion party was held today right in the CBN hall, where we used to gather for assembly everyday.

Nik Yazmin, her sister, I-Ching and me arrived early to setup the place.

Rose and Yohaniz arrived at about 4 pm

Anis and the gang

Catching up with ex-classmates

Bersantai di tepi padang sambil membuka cerita lama

My classroom when I was in Form 4, I was there for only 3 months before leaving for MRSM.

Good ol friend

Group photo.

Not everyone is there but it’s enough to shake the hall with shriek and laughter. This is an opportunity to know what everyone is doing now, who has got married and who already has children. It’s also time to revisited the old memory like ‘remember those days when the teacher thrown us out from the classroom, remember those time when we use to lepak at that particular bench in the canteen to finished (or copy…tee hee hee) our homeworks…Those days, as if it only happened yesterday.

Anyway, more photos can be seen at my Fotopages. Clik here to visit it. For those who would like to get the actual size of any photo, please email me at

I better go now, need to pack up stuff. Tomorrow will be flying to Kuching for a Microsoft Access training. Yippeee…..Mee Kolok, here I come!!






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