Book Review: A Bend In The Road

Besides Faisal Tehrani, John Grisham, Dave Pelzer, Sophie Kinsella, Meg Cabot and JK Rowling, I also love to read the books written by Nicholas Sparks.

It started few years ago when my mother subscribe the Readers’ Digest. Wait! My mom did not subscribe it. Someone at her office subscribe it or someone subscribe it and ask RD to sent the magazine to her office, exactly at her department which was at 13th floor. But no one in her department claimed to own the magazine. She tried to search for the owner and even contacted Readers’ Digest but they still send the magazine. Since no one in her department interested to read RD, she brought it home. That’s when I started to read RD and fell in love with it. A year later the free magazine stopped coming in and we continue to subscribe.

In RD magazine there are also other products such as health books, CD and etc. One of the item that I like the most is the collection of short stories. I have about 4 sets of it. The best short stories and many of it are true stories. One of the short story was written by Nicholas Sparks. The title is The Rescue. A really inspiring story and I keep reading it again and again when I have nothing else to read.

Recently when browsing and downloading e-books for my phone, I stumbled upon Nicholas Sparks’ e-books. Wow..a quite a collection. I downloaded as many as I can find and start reading it after I completed the Princes Diaries series from book 1 – 7 which took me about 2 weeks to complete. I called it ‘The Princess Diaries Marathon’ simply because I can’t just put down the book (I mean phone) after I completed one book after another. Those books are great and suitable for light reading.

Back to Nicholas Sparks. I read one of his book called A Bend In The Road. The story is a bout a cop whose wife dies in a terrible car accident. A hit and run, actually and how he tried to find the killer and at the same time keep on living. After a few years he met a new teacher who happened to teach his son and they fall in love.

WARNING! Spoiler!!
The tragic part was (highlight if you really wanna know it….warning, it’s a Spoiler!) the teacher’s brother is the one who accidentally killed his wife. Very suspense, thrill and sad at the same time. Highly recommended for those who are looking for a light reading material. Nicholas Sparks Rocks!






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