At last…..A Nokia E70

After making several research and asking around, I’ve decided to get the Nokia E70. Reasons:

  • It offer both normal keypad (can sms while drive hehe) and QWERTY keyboard
  • It has camera and video camera
  • It’s size is slimmer than E61 and thus easier to slip into my pocket and even easier to find a pouch for it

So after the Matta Fair last Saturday (eyeing on the Pulau Sipadan, Singapore and Beijing package), I started the phone hunt. On the night before I found the phone in one of the shop at Carrefour Wangsa Maju and asked about the price. KIV it until I’ve searched the entire Sungei Wang and Low Yatt.

Surprisingly this model which was out in mid of 2006 is quite hard to find. Some of the shop assistant give me a blank stare when I mentioned Nokia E70. They will asked me again if it’s Nokia N70. All Sungei Wang and all Low Yatt, I ended up only found second hand units in Sungei Wang and only two shops in Low Yatt still carry the phone. The price, beyond what I saw in the Carrefour shop. So I decided to leave the place and went to the shop in Wangsa Maju.

Luckily it is still open. Made a few deals and pressed them to throw in 1GB mini-SD….the phone is mine. When purchasing must always be alert, they almost forgot about my free 64MB mini-SD until I asked about it. Now I’m a proud owner of Nokia E70. Dropped by at the phone accessories shop and purchased a BMW leather pouch and clear casing. At home, installed the software and update the firmware. Downloaded tonnes of softwares and the most important, e-books….hundreds of them are available in the net. I bet I’ll have enough stocks to cater me for the whole year.

The battery seems not functioning as it should be. It dried out within a day with hardly few calls and sms. I went back to the shop and they lend me a battery while sending the battery to the distributor.

Woopps…look at the time. Got to go now, I’ll be going to Kota Kinabalu tomorrow for another series of training. Come back next week for loads of photos and story from the Borneo island.







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