Phone Hunting

After been using Nokia 3310 and Nokia 3120 for several years, it is very tough to start hunting for a new phone. Previously I had a Nokia 6630 for several months before sold it and also use PDA which is an HP Ipaq 4150 which has been stolen. I’ve given up on the hi-tech phone and stick to ordinary phone until recently I had this urge to get a new phone/PDA Phone especially when depending on physical planner/diary is really annoying.

I started to list down the stuff that I need before looking for the model. They are:

  • budget not more than 2K
  • must have good PIM such as calendar (able to view weekly, monthly), To Do, Notes etc
  • can make phone calls, sms
  • Must have Office application (able to make new, edit, save) such as Word, Excel PowerPoint (an added advantage)
  • Easy to find softwares in the internet
  • able to fit into my khakis’ pocket or jeans’ pocket since I don’t carry handbag
  • battery must last at least 2 days
  • camera is an added advantage
  • can play games (simple games like Super Mario, Tennis Addict etc) and listen to music
  • loudspeaker is crucial
  • can use single-hand to type sms
  • wifi if possible, bluetooth is a must

After listing down the features, I manage to scale down to two models (after rejecting HP RW6828 due to very slow ringtone volume and many more problems). They are:

Nokia E61

Advantage: Wide screen, 16million colours, QWERTY which is something new to me.
Disadvantage: Wider than my palm, have tried it but kind of hard to reach all keys to sms with one hand, no camera.


Nokia E70

Advantage:Has all what E61 can offer plus camera, can fold and nicely fit into pocket.
Disadvantage: Screen not as huge as E61 and the keyboard is split into two, not sure if able to sms with one hand (maybe yes if flip the keyboard close and use ordinary keypad)

Very tempting offer, so many good and bad reviews, still thinking which one to go for. E61 is so hard to find in the market. After asking from many shops in Low Yatt, only one shop still carry it and only several units left. I found E70 at Carrefour. Price wise, not much different. Around RM1600 – RM1800 depending on which warranty.

I have to visit the shop again and try both handphone and use it for office application and playing games. Whichever handphones able to do both without much hassle shall be the winner.

p/s: Don’t suggest me any fancy flip or slide phone that only go for looks. The phones above may score low for look and style, but score high for functions. I go for function phone not look & style phone….






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