Parent, stocks and laptop

What happen when your parent decided that they want to learn how to use the laptop to surf internet?

Answer: You will not be able to get your hand on your laptop again between 9am – 5pm.

My parent decided that they want to learn how to check stock market via internet after signing up with the website since last year. It took me two days and repeated lessons to get them familiar with the stock market system and half an hour lesson every morning and evening on how to switch on, log on the net and launch the program and switch off.

The result, okaylah for a start. And they get addicted to it. Even in the mornings where I don’t have any classes or training (the only time when I get to wake up slightly late), they’ll knock the door non-stop before 9am to be able to see the figures when the market open. Luckily the market does take a break during lunch time or else…..our kitchen will be quiet till evening.

if your eyes are sharp, you will notice something peculiar about my dad’s hand 😉






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