I’m Tagged!!

oh ooo…I’ve been tagged by Dad of Four who is a father of one of my ex-student in Athfaal Kindergarten. I’ll give my best shot….;)

Rules of the game :

Each player of this game starts out by listing 6 weird things about themselves on their own blog, as well as state the rules clearly. At the end you will need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list out their names. After you do that, leave a comment on their blogs letting them know you tagged them.

Here it goes:

1. I like to wiggle my toes when I’m wearing shoes. No explanation why I behave that way but Bata sure is happy with the habit because I have to purchase brand new show in every 6 months….

2. I like to eat (ratah) Milo, dairy powder milk(Fernleaf is my favourite) and Horlicks since I was a kids. It taste better without water and milk…yummmmmmmm……

3. I sneezes as loud as I can. To my neighbours (if you are reading this), thousand apologize for the noise which usually occurred early in the morning and late at night. I believe it’s because of my resdung but I just love to sneeze my heart out. It gives me satisfy and hey, I have the right to do that….hak kebebasan manusia untuk bersin sekuat-kuat hati supaya berasa puas, okay!

4. I don’t like to comb hair. I have no idea why. I guess I am tired of combing hair, that’s why I am keeping it short.

5. I still sleep with bantal busuk. It’s not busuk at all but it’s special. It is made from kekabu (which is hard to find and expensive too). Imagine at night when you pat the kekabu pillow and it become soft and fluffy and rest your head on it….ahhhhh….20 seconds later I’m off to never-neverland.

6. I hate instant noodle especially Maggi Mee….I’ll vomit if I have to eat it.

I guess that’s all…Faruq, Dobot, DikMal, AmirAzmi, Suhaimi Sulaiman and The Baker’s Place…you guy’s are tagged. Let’s have fun by answering the above question about your 6 weird habit. Good luck….hehehe…






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