Kanak-Kanak vs Dewasa

I’m very lucky to be able to teach both group of age, children and adults. By teaching both groups, I lean how to see, learn and observe human being’s behaviour from two different generation.

For kids, playing and learning doesn’t make any different. The learn while play. As a teacher, we use different approach when dealing with kids. Indeed, working with kids is much more fun. They accept criticism and learn from mistakes. They learn how to respect and appreciate.

Adults, a group of human being whom have living on this planet longer than the kids sometimes hard to deal with. Adult have ego. Sometimes they can’t accept critics and can be cold hearted to other people. They choose who they want to be friend with and they tends to stick to their rules even though others had pointed the right way. Sometimes, they can be more playful than kids even during serious time. They gets tired easily, they get hungry faster than kids, they can easily get bored and sometimes they love to break the rules. Some of them refuse to respect and hardly appreciate when things roll to their feet.

Not all adults are bad. Many of them are good. They respect me, the accept the knowledge with open heart. They savior the short moment to grab as many knowledge as they can from me.

As a teacher and trainer, working with both groups gives me different challenges every day, every minute. I learn a lot from them. I learn how to treat them accordingly, I learn how to respect them in order to earn their respect. Both gives me sweet and bitter memories. Teaching adults gives me plenty of money and experience while teaching kids gives me plenty of pleasure and fun even though less money. After a hard day dealing with adults, I relaxed myself by goofing around with the kids.

Balance is indeed importance in life. Balance makes me strong and sane to face the hard and challenging life. Alhamdulillah….

p/s: I’ll be going to Kuching for a few days, there will be no updates till next week. Come back after 16th to read my stories about my first trip to the Borneo island 🙂






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