Welcome 2007

I hope it’s not too late to wish Happy 2007. I hope it will be a happy and prosperous year even though there are wide spread rumors about petrol price hike and no more rumors but fact about the new toll price. Even though currently jobless, I feel thankful for not having to crack my head to think about the toll price or petrol or parking rate since most of my upcoming jobs will be around my area.

I started 2007 with getting a job to teach a Form 1 student in Wangsa Melawati. It will be a twice a week classes. Reasonable fee. I’m also looking into IT training projects with Activemind Training and also writing IT syllabus for my future projects. Insya’ Allah I will also start basic chess classes and yup, my usual tuition classes in Taman Samudra will be as usual. It will be slow for the first two months but we will start getting more students from March onwards, insya’ Allah.

Besides that I am also volunteering myself to teach in an orphanage home in Setapak. It is called Teratak Shifa’. There are 10 girls living there and I started my first class on Thursday. I like the place and the kids. The principal is also very kind and humble. They also have their own blog. Cool! Click here to view it.

I’m also planning to get a mountain bike or any kind of bicycle. Since most of my works are less than 10km from my house, I figured out it would be best to move by bicycle especially when I need to go to Taman Melawati which I found out is getting crowded and surprisingly I was stuck in the traffic jam in the middle of the Taman Melawati shoplots area nearly half an hour! Not to forget parking is 50 cent per hour. Not easy to find a space to park, some more need to pay and later stuck in the jam. I think I should start looking at other alternative like bicycle (I can’t opt for motorcycle since I don’t have the license and the cost of getting the license plus buying a motorcycle is high)

All set for 2007, I guess. There will be more Activemindkids programs as well…..yeehaaa!!!

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