7 days to go….minus weekend and few days off for projects, only 2 days left. Just enough to pack my stuff and said goodbye to my students.

I met an old friend who used to stayed together with me and Zura when we were studying in UTMKL. Not much different, a bit chubby and mature (married look lahhh)….we had lengthy chat during lunch. Plan for a reunion of our house mate probably next year.

Went to MBO Ampang (my current favourite cinema) last Sunday to watch Casino Royale. Park right outside the cinema, free parking, walk to the counter just 5 minutes before the show and manage to grab good seat (third from last). I think that was the first time I watched Bond movie in cinema. I think the new Bond is quite good. The movie overall is very good, worth the time, effort and money.

Currently addicted to a cool digital puzzle game called Pastime Puzzle Deluxe. It was hard for a start but after a few puzzle, can’t stop doing it.

Besides now cracking my head to complete the thesis, industrial training report and camps. Really prayed hard to get out of the uni before the UMNO take over it….it was published in the newspaper last Sunday. Duh….






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