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Apa kaitan gambar-gambar ini? Tatau, baca ini

Mari kita lihat apa kata rakyat Malaysia mengenai hal ini:

Saudagar_mimpi: cadangan2 lain yg boleh dipertimbangkan : main congkak,jengket2,polis sentri,main guli,………

Houdini: Esok lusa keluar pulak berita… menumbuk sambal belacan tanpa graviti

Nash^Roy: korang jgn tak tau.. bila diorang main batu seremban kat angkasa.. secara tak lgsg seluruh dunia akan terpegun dan terus berminat utk main batu seremban.. bandar seremban akan menjadi terkenal.. acara batu seremban akan dipertandingkan dlm sukan olimpik.. sah2 malaysia menang..tu baru satu dunia tgk.. cuba bayangkan alien2 kat planet lain tgk.. mau kite wat pertandingan batu seremban antara planet.. antara galaksi.. woww.. mmg terer la idea diorang ni..

Jeff Ooi: Glocal means… you get into a global space to play local games.

Palmdoc: The reasoning that the “programme was not borne by the Treasury, but derived by offsetting the purchase of Sukhoi jet fighters from Russia by the Defence Ministry” is just ridiculous. You mean we traded in cold hard cash for a space joy ride? The Russians must be laughing all the way to the bank.

ktak: 18 Russian Sukhoi (Su-30MKM) fighter jets (2003) = US$900 million / RM3.42 billion
Malaysian astronaut aboard a Russian rocket = RM95 million
First Malay astronaut to play traditional Malay children’s games in space (2007) = PRICELESS

robin hood
: The experiment is actually a communication breakthrough to invite Aliens from other planets to Malaysia. Visit Malaysia 2020

moo_t: I can imagine this happens :

Russia defense department(RDD) : We are going to give joy ride for 2 Malaysia, since their government pay outrageous price for our aircraft.

Russia Space Agency(RSA) : But those people are dangerous, they want to splash tea around throw stone under zero gravity.

RDD: Don’t worry, we will handle it.

RSA: Do you think the RM95 millions worth to risk to lost the WHOLE space shuttle that cost USD$1 billions?

RDD: No, we are no going to send them to space. As soon as those astronauts enter the shuttle, sedate them and we bring them back to ground. The rest will be make inside studio.

RSA : But how do you simulate zero gravity?

RDD : Don’t worry, we never short of drugs to create the Zero-gravity hallucination.

j-boy: dear all, i think play mahjong there better la, send them to me for training. including the russian too….plain stupid minister…

Apa kata anda?






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