Pro Of Being Self-Employed

Soon I will be declaring myself as self-employed. Life must goes on and I thanked Allah for giving me opportunity to venture into other areas after my services with the current company end. I will still be in the education line and this time I can put in 110% of my effort and focus on it. There are several pro of being self-employed that I can predict and plan for myself….

  • No more 8-5 schedule. I can’t say no to my dad anymore and giving him excuses not to wake up early in the morning and join him jogging while it’s still dark.
  • I can visit the swimming pool when everyone else in the office. Bleh conquer the whole pool for myself…hehehe. Bleh gi gym as well.
  • I can spend more time reading the 1GB of ebooks that I have been downloading for the past 6 months
  • I can spend time doing voluntary works
  • No need to get MC when I’m sick and no need to worry about applying leave
  • I have more time to learn sales and marketing skills which is essentials in todays’ business world
  • I can play chess more often and attend any courses during weekdays if it doesn’t clash with my upcoming classes and projects
  • Spend more time in libraries
  • Write more books and teaching manuals on IT teaching and chess teaching
  • I can plan holiday easily. No need to join the huge crowd during school holiday or public holiday
  • If I work harder and smarter, I can earn more….goodbye o fix salary
  • I can learn more about trading, stock exchange, unit trust etc..

Banyak lagi……yang penting be positive….yearghhhh






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