Fancy A Pet?

Is you son or your daughter begging you to get them a pet? It’s normal for kids to adopt a pet. May I suggest you pet that could be suitable for your kids?

Famous choice: A cat

ahhhhh…how cute and lovely 🙂

Second choice: A puppy or a dog

aaaa…how adorable. I wish I can have one.

Third choice: A rabbit

Cute? Yes. But don’t let the cat near it or it will turn into the cat’s snack.

Cute and cuddly and they make fine dinner too (rabbit burger…yummy!)

Too boring with the above choices? Want something exotic, different and perhaps scarier? May I introduce you to a new pet which soon will be widely accepted (haha)….

Get it in you nerest pet store. Don’t forget to ask information on how to take care of this pet because it can get pretty wild if it is left in hunger. :p

Updated: A The Star reader send a response to Nurindah’s article on Book Vandalisme.






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