Go Girl!

As I browsed and flipped through the digital version of The Star in TM Net E-Browse, I stumbled upon an interesting article about how a child’s bad behaviour reflected the parents’ behaviour. As I read through the story until the end, I was surprised to see the writer’s name. It’s my old schoolmate when I was studying in MRSM Terendak. The last time I chatted with her, she was working with a bookstore and from the article, I guess she is still working in the bookstore.

In the article she mentioned that she had to talked to the children who tried to vandalised the books, I could recalled her high-pitch tone. The kids surely will scared of her. But I guess it’s the only way. She’s right. We have not yet crossed the line where our people really appreciate books.

To my old friend who used to stayed with me together in the same dorm and lepak together at night while listening to radio, I’m wishing you all the best and perhaps, I’ll come over to your store and meet you there. There are plenty to talk about since the last time we met, right after SPM exam almost 10 years ago (my..my…that’s almost a decade).

Updated (4th June 2006) : Another bookstore staff replied to her article regarding bad behaviour in bookstore.

Sigh, when will our people learn about the appreciation of books?






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