I am looking forward to attend this upcoming bookfest which will kick off tomorrow. Even though it surely will attract many Chinese because there wil be plenty of books for Chinese, but the organizer do consider other races as well.

There will be plenty of activities for all ages and group of interest. The entrance fee is RM2 which is actually a booklet where you can find out which booth offering discounts and offer (I find this very convenient as I can plan what to buy earlier instead of walking at all booth). The best part is there will be a session by Azizi Ali on Retire Rich on Saturday evening. I bet it surely will attract many people who can’t afford to attend his hundred ringgit’s seminar. I am looking forward to attend his program after my class and to get books and CDs for my students.

Oh yes, there will be plenty of road closure due to NAM meeting on this weekend as well as on next Monday. If you plan to attend this program, better take LRT. Save on parking, traffic jam and other hassle.

Have a nice weekend 🙂






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