Be Careful

I received this in my email:

For you guys who drives and lazy to hold the petrol nozzle. Please take note…….

A reminder to hold the petrol nozzle at all times. You guys don’t be lazy. Always hold onto the nozzle like I did.

My friend stopped for petrol at the Projet Petrol Station (the one) at the Lingkaran Tengah Highway near Gombak) a little over two weeks ago. This was the first time he patronized a Projet station. As his normal practice elsewhere, he put the nozzle on automatic and
stood nearby waiting for his car to be filled up.

Suddenly the nozzle flew out of the gas tank opening with petrol spewing out at high speed.

He was sprayed with petrol all over, including his face and eyes (just imagine the pain in his eyes). His companion quickly brought him to him toilet to wash his face. After that they reported the incident to the staff and asked to speak to the manager.

The manager refused to see them. He only instructed the staff to take my friend to the
hospital. According to the staff that was not the first time the nozzle came out
of the tank while customers are filling up petrol. But my friend’s incident was the worst.
The top layer of his right eye was damaged and the area around his eye burnt.

His eye had to be bandaged for 10 days. He was lucky that his eyesight was not affected.
Apparently the nozzle was lighter than normal and the speed of the petrol created a backward thrust that pushed the nozzle out of the tank.

So please be careful.
Share this info with your friends, family &

Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, we should be careful at all time when dealing with petrol. As simple as switch off the car’s engine before filling the tank and yes, hold the nozzle. I wonder why the manager acted negatively?






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