You came into my life two years ago
You’ve brighten my life

Make me smile

Make me laugh
As I walked into the PDA store

And swipe you away
For an exchange with an Ipaq 4150

Which is no longer with me now (Triple curse to the bloody thief!)

You make feel safe

And comfortable
As I drove into the petrol station

and swipe you with pride
for a full tank petrol

which could only last
less than a week

after the recent petrol price hike

you shall be sent away from me

I have to do it
Please forgive me
You’ve taught me enough lesson

You’ve put me into enough suffer

It’s time to be apart

I’m no longer your Master

You will no longer haunt me

with your monthly love letters

Thank you
for being
a good financial guru to me
I’ve learn a lot

I’ve learn my lesson

As for my 2006 resolution
I’m glad that I’ve achieved 1 of it

One down, two more to go!!!!!!!!

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