Family Reunion

Last night we managed to get together all family members on my mother’s side at my cousin’s new house in Keramat. We arrived at 9pm, being the nearest to her house and yet the last to arrived. haha. It’s always like that. The person who lived the nearest will arrived the last.

As I parked my car, I can already heard the loud laughing and noise. That must be our cousins, nephews and nieces. Sigh..I bet they had recharged themselves in the evening before attending the event. That could be the only answers to those energetic jumping high and low non-stop action pack (okay, I’ve added spicesto the story but hey, they are the next model of Energizer battery!)

Anyway, here’s some photos from the event. I think this is the first event where we managed to really gathered all 6 siblings from my mother’s family + their children + grandchildren.

Coincidentally it was someone’s birthday. How can we have a birthday party without cakes…

Yummy….this definitely ruined my diet plan (haha)

This cake is too nice to be eaten ( I care!! Ngapppp!!!!)

The future Energizer model. The other boy was so elastic, he can only appear as shadow in the photo.

See that shadow behind him? It’s the aura. Just like what Mawi has. They shared the same hairstyle and aura.

There’s not even one photo with him standing still.

This could be among the participants of The Cleo 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2020






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