Entry Rojak

Ahad baru ni aku sempat berlari sekejap ke PC Fair kat KL Convention Centre. Sesak tahap tak ingat. Banyak habiskan masa beratur drpd menengok barang. Tak usha lebih2 pun produk baru sebab level yg pamerkan produk2 baru di bahagian pertama. Sesak yang amat. Cepat2 exit le level kedua. Baru lega dapat bernafas dengan nyaman. Tak shopping byk pun, just beli compatible catridges utk kindy ngan borong optical mouse utk kindy. Untuk diri sendiri, beli majalah PC.com sebanyak 4 buah (4 buah = RM10). Semuanya edisi lama (Dec2005-March2006) tapi masih relevan isinya. Berbaloi juga sebab harga asal sebuah majalah RM10. Dapat free goodies. Then aku beli rechargeable battery + recharge jenama Uniross dengan rega RM29. Ingat nak tangkap GP tapi GP mahal. Yg ni okay le. Takat nak charge bateri AAA utk MP3 player.

Boleh charge bateri NiMH dan NiCD

My 256MB MP3 player + thumbdrive

Movie Buff

I love watching movies especially previous award winning movies. Luckily there’s a video rental store in Taman Melawati where I can rent VCDs at reasonable price. Sometimes I like to watch certain movies over and over again (The Bone Collector, for example) so the renting method is suitable for me instead of purchasing pirated VCDs (trying to reduce my contribution towards movie piracy.). Besides, the store only rent out original VCDs. So I’ll get to watch my favourite movie in high quality.

Two days ago I rented these movies. I think I have watched The Sum Of All Fears before but I could not recalled the story. So I rented it again. I’ve watched Bruce Almighty in tv but I wanted to watch it again. Jim Carrey is one of my favourite actor besides Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman. These movies can be rented for 3 nights. The problem is I could not find suitable time to watch all of them. I have to return them back tomorrow.

Thank God for the 40GB hard disk on my laptop. One of my solution is to copy the movies temporarily into my laptop and save them for the weekend. I guess sooner or later I will have to get a 80GB hard disk. Currently my HD is holding several movies that I have out aside to watch when I manage to find the time. The movies are Beautiful Mind, Nanny McPhee (I’ve watched this on the VCD but I wanted to watch it again which I have not figured out when), Bruce AlMighty, Kelibat, Mrs Doubtfire and Man on Fire. Pheww….that’s a lot to watch!

If I am lucky enough, I’ll manage to copy the entire disc. But some disc has error called Invalid MS-Doc function. I’m not sure what’s the prob and I’ve tried to find the solution but failed. I guess I’ll just have to watched them on disc then. It could be some coding to stop people from making copies of the CD.

Yesterday’s robotic class went well. Except for the secondary level, a bit out of control. Too many students for very few Lego set. I guess either we get more sets of we have to reduce the number of students. I’m also started to worried because the number of missing parts keep increasing. We’ve lost a big gear and a middle size wheel. The primary level is much easier to handle since there are only 15 of them. Today we managed to build a robo bug. I’ll snap the picture next week. It’s about 90% completed. Now I’ll have to figure out for the coding activities.

One of my student gave me a gift. It’s good to see that he has started to put interest into robotic. Previously it was hard to handle him and after I elected him as the team leader last week, he has changed. Good for him.

Some sort of a pen holder from Thailand.






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