Unitar will be organizing Unitar English Week 2006 starting on 27th March 2006. One of the acitivity is Scrabble Competition. I believe this is the first time such competition is held in Unitar. Gosh, I just loved play Scrabble. I used to play it with my mom and dad when I was still in school. Can’t beat my father coz he is damn good in English. But we enjoyed the game very much.

When I saw the ads about the competition, I registered myself. I will be competing next Thursday in Unitar. To prepare myself for the competition, I bought the PC version of Scrabble to practice.

I think I have started to get addicted to this game, now.

I wish I could play it regularly with human instead of competing it with computers only. I looked into Google for any Scrabble club in Malaysia but failed. The only one that I could found is Malaysia Scrabble Club website which is no longer active. If you know any Scrabble club in KL, please let me know.

Not many youngsters nowdays know Scrabble, Sahibba, Monopoly, Saidina and other board games. I guess that board games era has gone, replaced with video games, computer games and handheld games.

I’ll post some pics from the competition and hope that I will win something..hehe…






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