Home Sweet Home

Fuhh…penat tah habis lagi. Balik aje dari KL, ari ni terus gi keje. Bukan bleh nak tambah cuti hilangkan lenguh coz dah set training utk sekolah di Sri Damansara. Mujur tak tertidur pagi tadi.

Anyway, the trip was great. Pics? Ntah…ada kat thousand le kot. hehe….tak cukup 512 MB card, burn those photos kat kedai, kosongkan dan snap lagi sampai penuh.

Check out this place. I will be writing every single activity as details as possible coz I hardly be able to remember it in…hmmm….after 1 month I think. So, while it’s still in the brain (ni pon dah fade sikit2, kene tanye member2 balik utk clarify), better I blog about the 6 days trip to Medan, Indonesia which is among the best trip in my entire life.

There will be photos (plenty) and stories….maybe bit of history stuff. I need to record it here and later, print it out for my own collection.

Enjoy! 🙂






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