Ever since I came across e-browse , the online local newspaper which offer all newspaper online at cheaper price, I seldom purchase The Star and Malay Mail (which cost more than the online version) except if I’m interested in any contest (hey, it is so unfair coz online reader aren’t able to participate in contest that requires paper cutting). Even though it did created slight problemin the early days, but now it works out smooth.

This afternoon while flipping through the pages, I came across this ads by TM Net:

As I was eyeing the Package 2, the offer is good. All those free stuff. The free online newspaper!! (wahh…read all newspaper for free!!!!) I search to the bottom for Terms and Conditons, nothing funny. So, I quickly rang the 1-300 number and talked with one of the in-charge. Dang, the offer is only for new register only (we Malaysians never learn how to appreciated existing customers eh). I was nearly about to agree come out with the idea to close my current Streamyx account and register as new user when at the end of the conversation, the in-charge break the news. The online newspaper (can read all newspaper) is free for 3 months only (strange, the promo in the tm net website said that it’s only free for a month. God knows which one is true). Cehh….nearly give up my precious streamyx account (at some hot places, the access is so limited….people have to fight for it)

Moral of the story: Investigate deeply before making decision.






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