The Isetan KLCC store manager has finally called me yesterday to inform me on the result of the investigation on the incident. He admitted that the guards did bashed the guy on purpose because he could no longer hold his patience on that guy. The manager apologize and will assure that it will not happen again and he will send the guards for training all over again.

About the website, the management will be launching their own Isetan KLCC’s website in March 2006.

He apologized and thanked me for reporting the incident. By looking at what happened and the way the manage the website, I think the manager is probably not an experienced manager. As simple as website content (even a kid nowadays know how to create and know what to put into it) could not be handled properly. Maybe he’s having a vacation while working in Malaysia. I am hoping to see a real Japanese working attitude in him and his entire Isetan KLCC’s team. He also should learn on how to show grattitude towards customer who took the trouble to help them improve their service. They should learn from Teppanyaki (TukangTaip’s case) and Maxis (Jeff Ooi’s case)

Anyway, Case closed.

p/s: Out of sudden, I remember few photos that I took in mid of 2004 when one of the letter on the Isetan’s outdoor signboard blowed out and leave out only this:

It took them quite some time to replace the bulb.

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