I tried to send this complaint email but could not find the right email address or fax number of Isetan KLCC. If you happen to know, please let me know….


Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing this email to complaint about a horrible incident that occured in the Isetan KLCC store at the 3rd floor (near supermarket). This incident happened at about 9.20pm on 25th October 2005.
My friend and I was searching for some items in Isetan. We planned to do our last Hari Raya shopping in Isetan before my friend return to her hometown this weekend. We were very excited and happy and was busily looking for items in the store that attracted us.

As both of us walking towards the supermarket, I overheard a Malay guard talking to his walkie-talkie about a guy wearing green t-shirt who was walking besides me. I looked at him and heard the guard said something about too many customer in the store at that time. I left my friend there and went into the supermarket to buy a battery.

When I left the payment counter, I saw my friend was in shocked. She told me the whole incident that happened right after I went into the supermarket. My friend is a soft-hearted person and seeing violence act right in front of her eyes really scared her out.

The green t-shirt guy was held by the guard and pushed towards the bedsheet corner. At the main area, two guards were bashing the guy right in front of my friend, right in front of customers. The guard not only slapped him, but also kicked and hitted his head with the walkie-talkie many times. The guy tried to defend himself but he was to weak.

A chinese family with their kids were watching it with horror on their face. When the guards realized that many customers were watching them, they pushed the helpless guy between shelf and continue to bashed him. My friend could only see walkie-talkie up and down on the guy’s head. The guy seems helpless and didn’t fight back. I suspected the guy is a drug addict because he looked pale and dirty.

My friend who was shocked to see the terrible incident right in front of her eyes could not bare to stay there and we had to forget all about the shopping plan. I was so angry. Why can’t the guard solve the problem somewhere else? I’m sure they have a special room where such thing could be handle without doing it in front of customers. Imagine what the kids could think of when seeing the violence right in front of their eyes.

This is ISETAN we are talking about, not some Petaling Street hawkers. We always thought that shopping in Isetan is among the best experience and we always feel safe in here. Not anymore. The guard’s low attitude has tarnished the good name of Isetan. I’m not sure how many actually saw the incident but if the foreigners saw the incident, what will they be thinking about the attitude of guards in one of Malaysia’s most popular shopping place?

I demand explaination over this incident. I want to know why are the guards allowed to kick and punch people even if the guy did wrong. They should leave that to the police. Do they have the right to make the judgement on the guy? It was such a waste of time, waste of parking fee as we had to go home without doing any shopping because we felt disturbed very much by the incident.

Besides that, I also would like to complaint about the Isetan’s website for Malaysia. It is so dull and as simple as the store’s address, contact number and email address could not be found in the website. This shows how unaware the store are compared to other stores which even updated the website regularly with news on latest event and shopping news.

Even finding the right place to lodge this complaint is so troublesome. I have to cc this email to KLCC customer service in case this complaint does not reach the manager of Isetan KLCC.

Please take this complaint seriously. If you need further information, I can be reach at 013-xxx xxxx.

Shocked customer,


Give you own opinion about this incident.

UPDATE (11.44pm) : I received a call from Isetan KLCC’s personnel this afternoon confirming that they have received the complaint and will investigate the matter. They will also inform me about the result. Thank God, I thought my email will reach to nowhere. The contact us form in the Isetan Singapore’s website bounced back (they should fired their webmaster), the Isetan Malaysia’s website is totally rubbish and luckily an Isetan club in Japan called iclub response to it and help to past the message to Isetan KLCC.

Email from the Foreign Customer Service:

I CLUBForeign Customer Service
Shinjuku Isetan3-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo 160-0022Tel: 03-3225-2514 Fax: 03-3225-2513
Dear Ms. Sherrina Kl,We received your important mail, and we understand how bad and unpleasanttime you had in KLCC.We take it very seriously, and accordingly we forwarded your mail to themanagement staff of KLCC,who reports it to the store director.So please wait for his contact with you soon.In case we can be any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sincerely yours,
Foreign Customer ServiceManager
Mikio Takai

p/s: look at the phone number in the email above, is it local phone number or Japan’s phone number?

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