Last Trip To Low Yat (before Ramadhan begin)

My friends and I went to Low Yat Plaza last Tuesday to get a laptop. Both of them had just enrolled in Open University and need a laptop to do assignments and study. We went to a shop, Acer brand seems among the cheapest one. With RM 2888, one can get a good Acer laptop with Pentium M processor (1.6GHz if I’m not mistaken). After checking a few model, he decided to get an Acer which is a Pentium Centrino with DVD writer (seems most of Acer’s laptop are bundled with DVD-RW, no more DVD-CD/RW like what I got during PC Fair last year).

At the same time, I tried to nego on a cool Targus backpack for my laptop. My shoulder can’t take the weight of my Asus laptop anymore with the old, sling bag. I really missed my previous HP backpack. It was nice and comfortable to use. After nego for a while (I told the salesman I’m the one who recommend my friend to buy the laptop at his shop, so I should get a good offer for myself as a reward…actually, I didn’t recommend anything at all…..hehe), he’s willing to let go a Targus backpack which was tag as RM250 and after discount, RM 180. Oklah, not bad. Before that, I went to several shops to check out the price and none could give me that price. So, I went back and paid for the bag.

After that, I went to Sri Komputer to get a gamepad which I have been wanted so long. Thanks to Keen for giving me some ideas bout gamepad and C-Fu too for giving me brief info on how to set control for gamepad. I would love to have a nice gamepad like the PS2 one, but I didn’t dare to invest so much money on it. Afraid that it won’t work on my PC. So, I ended up buying this cheap gamepad for the price of RM25 (ask for discount and tokey gave me RM23)

Later at night, I went to my favourite software shop in Wangsa Maju to get Emulator games. Got this one which is cool…I get to play those games that I used to play when I was small.
At last, I got to play Super Mario and many more on my laptop with a gamepad. Brings back the sweet childhood memory. I must have been playing for thousands of time, I can still recall most of the hidden mushrooms, the secret gold mine and etc….cool
Too bad Contra game was not included. This evening I rushed to the shop to get another cd and found one which can work on WinXP. But the graphic was not so sharp.
Hey, I even bought this latest Sims 2 Expansion pack at Low Yat. It is called The Sims 2 Nightlife. Haven’t tried it yet, coz it requires the 4th cd from The Sims 2 to update some files. The CDs are now with my students. I need to get it first before I can play. Hmmm..maybe I’ll just reserved this one for the long Hari Raya break.
Selamat Berpuasa….






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