One of the skill that I am proud of is to be able to have 2 best friends at one time. Many people says that I am really good at making and entertaining friends, regardless of new or old friends. Having a best friend or two in my life in priceless and I appreciated it more than money can buy. But in today’s world, the term ‘best friend’ is almost extinct and some claims that it hardly visible at all. There’s only good friend who will be by your side when they need you or when you are happy. There is no such thing as good friend who will be with you when you are sad, you need help and etc. I am lucky that I am still able and given the opportunity to have 2 best friends.

When the world is getting older and human’s life are a whole lot better and more sophisticated than before, it seems that best friend is hardly to find. More people do not believe in best friend. And these people will look at best friend differently, the dark side of it. And I always hate people who misinterpreted bestfriend to something else. If you happened to be the unlucky one not been given the taste of having a best friend, please do not mess with other people’s relationship. Learn to be a good friend and you might be given the opportunity to have a close friend and perhaps, a best friend who knew you in and out..some times more than your parents.

To my 2 best friend, I thank God for giving me this golden opportunity to have both of you in my life. To the smelly person who smells us differently…..get a life!

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