My temporary home

My aunt was admitted to Ampang Puteri since Tuesday to undergo a surgery to remove a fibroid (size of a coconut) from her tummy and all her inner organs (she will not be able to get pregnant after this). Since my sister and brother are already in their campus in Batang Berjuntai, Selangor, the responsibilities to stay with her in the hospital falls on me and my mom.

My aunt is a very lucky person for she has been quite healthy until she had this operation which is her first ever operation (she’s 51) and the biggest lucky is she has a medical insurance to cover all the expenses. That’s how she can afford to get a better treatment at a private hospital. Being the youngest daughter in family, she’s quite terrified and nervous bout this idea of cutting her tummy open, remove an organ and staying in the hospital. The first and last time I had to sleep in the hospital was when my brother was admitted to HKL on the first day of Syawal couple of years ago due to denggi fever. Even staying in a private hospital is not that comfortable as I expected.

Day 1 , she was given a room with 2 bed. Meaning, she has to share with another patient and trying to catch a sleep with a new-born baby crying besides you is not an easy task. On wednesday, I took a day off from the office and stayed with her accompanied by a laptop and a digicam (luckily I have these gadgets with me or it will be damn boring). I managed to watched 2 movies that I rent from Ezy Video (Kiamat Sudah Dekat – best giler and Dr Seus, Cat in The Hat) before I left the hospital after my aunt was sent to the operation theater. After the operation, we managed to get a single room and immediately packed all our stuff and change room.

If only I waited for another 30 minutes, I might be able to snap the fibroid that the doctor taken out. I did begged my mom and my aunt to ask the doctor if I can get into the operation theater to take photos but they thought it’s the most silly idea (dang, I am not afraid of blood….I fancy CSI and ER. If only I have a better Biology teacher, I might be pursuing my study in medical).

My activities during the stay in the hospital will be watching as many movie as I can (just rented The Bone Collector-had been wanted to watch this before and XXX: The Next Level), listen to mp3, sleep and relaxing myself before the new semester begin. The doctor said that she will be discharged next Wednesday, that means I have to spend my weekend in the hospital. Must bring more comforter and bantal kekabu. The air-cond is so cold.

View from the room’s window. I can see traffic flowing through MRR 2.

That’s the petrol station at the junction and Flamingo Hotel

The Ampang Point, among the busiest business park in Selangor. Finding a legal parking space in here is a nightmare. Almost impossible.

My and my laptop.






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