my e-browse has been giving me headache when suddenly The Star newspaper disappear from my subscription. I was so annoyed. Made few calls and emails complaining to Tm Net. Since Friday till today, I did not get to managed to read The Star.

Thanks to En Anwar from Tm Net, he managed to resolve my problem (more like a mystery). The chronicles of the incidents are as below:

Friday, 5/8/2005:
-browse through The Sun e-paper and find it interesting. Hey, it’s free too.
-try to login to e-browse using my old BlueHyppo ID (sherrina) and password but failed
-register new ID (sherrina80) and successful. Subscribe to The Star and pay via credit card.
-success. Reading The Star happily and even wrote bout it in blog (refer previous entry).
– went out for lunch and login again, The Star gone. Call 1-300-88-1515, lodge complaint and email them the acknowledgement email received after subscribe.

Saturday 6/8/2005
-still missing. I think I call them again and told them the story again.
-En Anwar call said that he will get technical team to look into this matter.

Sunday 7/8/2005
-still missing. So I ended up subscribe Malay Mail.

Monday 8/8/2005
-same thing. Call them again.The Star still missing, Malay Mail ok

Tuesday 9/8/2005
-same thing, call again. Promise will look into this matter. They already know bout my problem. Malay Mail ok.

Wednesday 10/8/2005
-receive email from custcare ask me to check plug in and so on. I reply again saying the star still missing.
-call Tm Net again.
-En Anwar call me. Apologize coz he’s on leave for the past 2 days. He says he willl check.
-After 15 minutes, he call again and said, mystery solve.
-I register The Star under sherrina80’s ID and Malay Mail under sherrina ID (still a bit of mystery how come I managed to login with this ID)
-I am happy again reading bout the haze news….

To En. Anwar of TM Net, thanks for solving this mystery patiently. It shows that TM Net is not really nuts, it’s me who go nuts with so many ID…wahahahaha….e-browse roxx! (malu saya :p )

chow..I’m off to read the backdated issues of The Star (I just love their articles and the advertisements)…..hihi.






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