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I know this e-Browse thing has been in the net for ages but only now I started to think a way to reduce my budget on reading materials and I found a way to cut down my newspaper budget by subscribe to e-Browse newspaper and read it online. If you have no idea what I’m babbling about, watch tv and look for the ads where a malay guy sitting in the stadium reading newspaper at his laptop while the rest were cheering the football team. That’s the e-browse thiggy.

So, I started by trying out the free online newspaper in The Sun (http://epaper.sun2surf.com/) and I find it really interesting. At least I don’t have to fight for free copy at the 7-Eleven. Then, I went to the e-Browse website, hosted by Blue Hyppo (http://ebrowse.bluehyppo.com) and register membership which is free.

Price for each publication can be found here (http://ebrowse.bluehyppo.com/e-b_price.asp) and I subscribe to The Star which cost me RM 20 per month (cheaper by RM 16 compare to the hardcopy newspaper). Let’s see if the service really good and able to replace the crispy newspaper. Good thing bout this is, I don’t have to fork out RM 36 per month to but The Star everyday, no more dirty hand while reading it, no more paper cutting (I can crop any article that I like and keep it in softcopy) and my little contribution helps to save the trees. Oh yes, if you subscribe, you don’t have to rush to read it everyday to fully utilize your membership. You can still read 7 days newspaper in the archive. Cool!

Here’s screenshots of my e-browse newspaper:

There’s a toolbar at the top to help you navigating the newspaper

Cool, I still get to see every advertisement just like the real newspaper.

The good side of this e-browse:

1. No more dirty hands while reading it

2. No need to have a high pile of newspaper outside your house waiting for the old newspaper man to come and bought all your junks.

3. Helps to save the environment, less tree cutting (if many people stop buying hardcopy newspaper)

4. You can clipped any favourite article or advertisement and save in the computer

5. You can read up to 7 days or previous newspaper in the archive

6. Cheaper

7. Load faster if using broadband

8. Besides newspaper, you also get multimedia informations in audio and video clips

9. Payment method is easy. Either it add up into your streamyx bill or pay via credit card

10. It has a feature where the paper flips like a hardcopy newspaper. Avoid paper cutting (ouch!)

The downside of this e-browse is:

1. You can’t read it offline

2. Slower connection means it will takes more time to load the newspaper (luckily my broadband is unlimited)

3. Can only be used in Internet Explorer and I believe pc operating Windows OS.






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