Harry Potter’s mania at Kinokuniya KLCC

I arrived at Kinokuniya bout 6.30am. Never realized it’s so much fun waking up early and drove in city centre at wee morning. We were very excited. My heart cant stop beating hard. I did wished to be among the first 6 people to get the free book, but it was hopeless.

The moment I arrived at the top floor, the queue was so long. I was instructed to line up at the food court!. Imagine the long queue. Some came wearing pyjamas. Some even brought pillow. I guess they slept there last night. We waited eagerly. As we heard the door opened, all started to stand up and queue up properly. Few minutes later, I got my wand (free given by Kinokuniya) and a book voucher worth RM25. I can’t believe seeing so many people rushing in and grabbing copies of HP’s latest book either the adult cover version or children cover version. Never seen so much books in a bookstore like this. I mean, HP books are everywhere.

I pre-ordered an adult cover version but later changed to children version to match with all my 5 previous books. Its thickness about the same as the 5th book. I queued up, heard some arguments bout latecomers who didn’t get the wand and voucher. some kids were playing with the wand. Kinokuniya staffs were quite panic, I guess. To see so many turned up at very early morning. The wand and vouchers were given to everyone. Even a family of five who only purchase one book also get 5 wands. No wonder it sold out really fast. Luckily I managed to get one for myself.

After paid for the balance, we rushed to Mid Valley. I expected there should be some nice events in conjunction with HP’s new book. But it was so quiet and calm. Not like Kinokuniya. Nothing fun except they gaveaway paperbag (really nice, I wished I could have one) and breakfast. Kinokuniya also didn’t have any program besides the wand and voucher giveaway.

we left the place and drive to Borders. I was so excited, I wanted to see the celebration at every bookstore I can reached in KL. It was quiet as well. But I really salute their innitiative to provide robes and Harry Potter’s costumes to their staff. So, you can see their staff wearing robes and HP look-a-like costumes all over the place. Some kids also turned up wearing like Harry Potter. I heard Borders gaveaway special gift for those who came wearing like HP. Had breakfast at Starbucks and headed home. Really tired and exhausted but fun.

I still haven’t even completed reading the first chapter. Wanted to read it slowly to enjoyed every single word in the book

Photos taken at KLCC. Please mouseover to read the photo’s explaination.

The long queue before 7.01 am

Some even arrived as early as 8pm....on the night before the launch.

The fever started several months ago...

My own copy of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

The long queue towards the payment counter

Quick reading while queue up


My precious wand. Expecto Patronum!!!






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