KRU Music new album’s launching event @ KLCC

I was in KLCC today. I saw the news bout the upcoming event of KRU artist which will be held in Tower Records at 3pm. Since my first involvement in photography, I’ve never photographed such event. Therefore, I took this opportunity to gain some experience and skills. Besides, I was a big fan of KRU and this could be an opportunity to get see them again in real life.

Taking pictures in such event is quite tough. With all the mob fans all over the place, using tripod in this situation in absolutely impossible. Therefore, I only have to make use of my hand and the Optical Image Stabilizer to help me. Especially when they arrived, the fans started to scream out loud and pushing each other to take a closer look at their adorable artist.

Surrounded by young girls and guys makes me feel so old. That brought me back to those yesteryears when I was like them, meeting KRU in any functions held in KL. Sigh….that was once upon a time….

As usual, full version can be found in Sherrina’s Fotopages

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