Today I went to Sungei Wang. Nothing special, just surveying on new handphone for a friend. Besides, I would like to meet someone that I knew from Cari Forum.

HIs name is Jamil. also known as Jamil Kucing. Maybe you’ve read about him in newspapers and magazines. If you wonder around Bukit Bintang between 4pm-10pm, do not missed the chance to visit Jamil and his cats whose able to sit still on his scooter. He hangs in front of the Macdonald Bukit Bintang, at the junction. Near Giordano. He collect donation to support his 54 cats. Mind you, these are not Persian or Burmese or so called rich, fluffy cats. These are stray cats, street cats. He collected them from the roadside, stalls. He feeds them, take care of these cats.

He’s been doing this road show for the past 3 years. I had a chance to have a quick half an hour chit chat with him while playing with his cats. The cats are all healthy and clean. There are many people who approached him to give donations, take pictures and play with the cats. His ambition is to open a cat zoo where families and anybody can come and play with the cats. He’s working hard to achieve it.

So, if you happened to be around there, do visit him. Give some donations and you can play, take photos of the cats. 🙂

This is the scooter which able to carry not only an adult, but also nearly ten cats at a go

Jamil pushing his scooter after the drizzling rain had finally stopped.

His first and oldest cat. It’s name is Adik. It is 16 years old. Equivalent to a Form Four kid’s age.

Watcha lookin at, buddy?

Sleeping like a baby…zzzzz…..

It’s a wild cat(kucing hutan) which he caught near a small bush/forest somewhere in Cheras. It took him several months to tame this cat and to adjust its food.

A poor small kitten which he found at a back alley. He think the kitten had been hitted by a car coz its hip’s bone is somewhat broken. It cannot walk normally, only pushing its own body to move. But that doesn’t slow this kitten down. According to Jamil, its a very active and love to find its own food. Hope the kitten will get well.

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