This evening I rushed to KLCC to pre-book the upcoming latest book of Harry Potter. Other bookstores are also offering attractive promotion for this book but I find only Kinokuniya has planned to host special program on the early morning of the book launching which will be on the 16th of July 2005 at 7.01am.

I paid RM 30 as the deposit and these are what I’ve received:

The booking ticket which I must bring along to collect the book

A contest form for all pre-order customers. First prize is trip to London for four.

A white t-shirt with a big P in front

The back of the t-shirt

No prize given if you able to answer the question

For those HP fans…do not missed this opportunity. Insya’ Allah, I hope I will be able to attend the early morning book launch. During the previous book launch, the kids were asked to bring along broomstick. Who knows what’s the surprise for this time….

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