Kelly and Mad’s Wedding Ceremony

Last night was the wedding ceremony of Kelly and Mad. Kelly is my old friend from CBN. We used to ride on the same school bus for 2 years. It was heck, lot of fun. She’s the kind of the girl that likes to joke around, bit rough and all the boys (st john’s boys who rode on the same bus) knew her because of her loud mouth. And looks at her now, a pretty elegant lady who just got married to a handsome bloke. Dey kelly, where did u find such a good looking guy hah???

Here’s some photos. As usual, even though this is Mad and Kelly’s big day but we made use of it to handle tiny small gath of long lost friends. Kecoh macam majlis sendiri….

Mamat French nie nervous masa diminta menepung tawar pengantin. Excited pon ye juga.

Muka-muka disetiap kenduri kawin

Sempat lagi kacau bilik pengantin

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