Macromedia Flash MX training & Mini Mentos story

Sorry for the late update. I had just finished attending the 2 days Macromedia Flash MX training organized by It was fun, I learn a lot especially the basic of Flash. This will helps me a lot to explore the program in details. I never knew that all those fantastic flash tricks needs only a few clicks to be developed. But I’m still far away from mastering the software. Still need to do more practice and exploring. Anyway, it was really great. The training place is superb. It was held in BATC in UTM Jalan Semarak. Man, I missed these place. 3 years of sweet and bitter memories and I am back to attend the training. The trainer is a professional trainer from (for those who familiar with graphics stuff surely knows this website). Thanks to the trainer and Nazha from for conducting such excellent event. For those who are interested to know more about the trainings, visit I will bet you will be surprise with the cost of each course. Way cheap compared to other places. Very affordable.

I only have these photos. I should have brought my camera for group photo.

This is my’s t-shirt. Nice eh?

My Flash MX certificate

Last Sunday I was having lunch in a restaurant in Kelana Jaya when I found this mini Mentos. I don’t remember seeing such size at any stores and then I realize that the product is suppose to be only for Indonesia market. Now, how did it ended up in Kelana Jaya?

There are 3 types of flavour: Strawbery, orange and lemon

Whooaa….illegally smuggled eh?

I still prefer the original, Malaysian Mentos taste. They taste better compared to these ‘dwarfs’






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