We are stucked. We tried our best to persuate the cat but still failed. We are about to give up when my dad came out with one of his ‘MacGyver’ solution. He took a thick of a flat wood which he kept for his gardening activity and arrange it on the ladder so that the end of it reached the window where the cat is trapped. He put a bait to attract the cat, which is a plate of rice and fish. We thought of putting a nice and hot fried fish as a bait but mom refused to donate any. So, we sticked with the rice and fish.

After several hours, the cat was still there looking at us with its pity face but didn’t dare to walked down the wooden path. Now, we are not only ended up trying to rescue a hungry cat but also a coward one. This is getting difficult.

Later, my dad brought up another piece of wood and designed another way for the cat to walk down. Heh, while typing this I can hear the cat meow loudly. Anyway, we’ll stick with the latest plan at least until tomorrow morning before thinking of other way. Any idea on how to solve this problem?

Plan A

Plan B

I wonder if I can get fire fighter or 911 people to help me rescue the cat?






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