Cat Rescue – Day 1

Between my house and my neighbour, there’s a space at the roof top which always been a death trap to animals especially cats. Last saturday we heard meowing sound from the toilet which has a small window to the place. That was the second incident. The first one happened few years ago. I have no idea how did these cats ended up there. Bet they climbed up too high and fall into the space through a hole.

So, as usual my dad, me and my sister made up a plan on how to rescue the cat. It will be a lot easier if the cat is familiar with us but we found out that it’s a stranger.’s hard to make the cat trust us and let us hold it to take it down. So, here’s some photos on the rescue activity on day 1.

This is the place where the cat is trapped. Here’s my dad feeding the cat with rice and fish

It’s a small window at the ceiling in my bathroom

He tried to comfort the cat Here’s the poor guy, shy guy

There you are you naughty cat! Oppss…too much flash light. It’s eye looks like a marble

Gulp…now this looks a bit scary to me! Please rescue me!!

The rescue unit had to postponed its activity because mom been yelling at us asking us to come down and finished up our dinner. So, the rescue activity will be continue again tomorrow. Stay tune for the latest updates on the Cat Rescue!






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