Blog Review: TV Smith’s Dua Sen

Everytime I online, I will definitely check out this blog. Very inspiring and creative way of writing. TV Smith’s Dua Sen is not new to bloggers. A very popular writer whose article published in local newspaper several times. From local scenes to funnys stuff, he’s always at it. He’s not only a writer but also a photographer. I always envy his skills and idea. He likes to write about things that not many people able to think of. For example, these article about cloneism.

Click cloneism to read about it.

TV Smith’s Dua Sen is divided into 7 department:

  • Latest Arrticle
  • Latest Cartoon
  • Latest Pic
  • Latest SMS Alert
  • Latest Photo Essay
  • Latest Photography Article
  • Archieve

To access to the blog, click at the logo.






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