I have just spend several hours everyday playing Monopoly on my Pocket PC and now I had just begun a new game called Lemonade Inc produced by Hexacto. It’s a fun game especially for those who want to learn the art of business. This could be a good platform to gain some experience without pain of loosing own’s money. Basically player is given a stall where you need to sell lemonade. It requires skills to perfect the receipe to adjust to the customer’s taste. Too much ice means too plain. Too little ice will make the drink warm. Too much sugar is too sweet and too much lemon makes it extra sour. Then we have to check out the weather (hot days mean more ice, rainy day means less ice) and also the current event in the town. The price of the drink is also depends on these situations and from time to time player need to stuff in more lemons, sugar, ice and cups.

After some time, players can start to advertise the business and also buy own asset to help run the business. When business is getting better, player can opt to rent other places. In my personal opinion, this game is fun, addictive and yet educational. The buttons and menus are easy to navigate and use. The graphics are smooth and you can even click on the bubble dialogue of the customers to find out what they feel about the drink.

Wanna check out more bout the game, visit Pocketnow.com which has given extensive review on the game. So, after the lemonade inc, what’s next? Lemonade Tycoon 🙂

Okay, I’m off to make more lemonade and start selling them….chioww!!






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