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Eiffel, I’m In Love Will Hit Local Cinema

After waiting for so long since the movie firsr appeared in cinemas across Indonesia, now at last it will hits Malaysia’s cinema. Eiffel, I’m In Love was a major hit in Indonesia since it was first released in November 2003 managed to atrracted large crowd, 3 millions to the cinema. 9 months after the first release, the movie maker released an extended version of the movie which is shown for 3 hours and 15 minutes (the original movie was 2 hours and 15 minutes). It was released on 17th June 2004.

Extended version

So, what’s the story all about? Here’s the synopsis from Cinemaonline

Tita’s life as a teenager is perfect. She is loved by everyone in the family. Her boyfriend Ergi is a patient guy who loves and adores her. And she has 2 best friends to share her life and secrets with. Tita’s only problem is her overly protective mother who refuses to let her out of the house.

Everything changes drastically when Adit, her father’s friend’s son, comes from France to Indonesia for a visit and stays in Tita’s house.

Adit’s temper and his pride keep getting on Tita’s nerves and they are constantly at logger heads with one another. To Tita’s dismay, she discovers that her parents have decided to match-make them.

It’s Tita’s worst nightmare. But the nightmare worsens when Adit starts dating her best friend and Tita finally realises that her feelings for Adit have changed.

Hero: Samuel Rizal

Heroin: Shandy Aulia

Check out nearest cinema for the movie schedule. Will it better movie than Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? We will see about it. I hope Biola Tak Berdawai will follow Eiffel, I’m in Love footstep to Malaysia cinema…






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