Azie and Novan’s Wedding Reception @ Dewan Perdana

Congratulation and happily ever after to the newsly-wed couple, Azie and Novan who had invited me to attend their wedding reception which was held at Dewan Perdana, Kuala Lumpur last night. It was a great ceremony with the atttendance of Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Nazrin Shah along with other VIP, VVIP, Guest of honours, families and relatives and friends of the couple. The ceremony kicked off at 8.30pm when Raja Nazrin Shah arrived and shortly after that the beautiful couple walked into the glamour hall accompanied by a group of kompang players. They stood at the entrance and all guests stood when Rabbani’s lead singer’s recorded voice echoed through the entire Perdana Grand Ballroom reciting Selawat. After that, the couple walked towards the main stage where Raja Nazrin and other guests sat waiting for them. There were no tepung tawar or bersanding ceremony but it was replaced with makan beradab. Islamic way of wedding ceremony.

Two emcees announced their presence and inviting the bride’s father to ask permission from Raja Muda Perak to begin the ceremony. The bride’s father, Datuk Seri Abdul Manap then gave a speech to thank all who presence to witnessed these blissful couple and gave away some advice to both of them. After the speech, all guests were invited to enjoyed the delightful dishes served by Dsaji catering. I sat with 9 other old school friends (mas,fiza,akim,rose,yati,kelly,murni,nadia and awin) and we chatted and ate while watching the presentation slides of both couple. It was about their childhood and how they met. It was nice and sweet. Nik Yazmin shared with the audience her sweet and bitter memories as one of Azie’s close friend since school. The food was good, nasi minyak with several dishes and we were served with tapai and ice cream as the dessert. Tentera Darat’s band was playing music while we enjoyed ourselves. The program ended at 10.30pm and we took the opportunity to take photos with the bride and bridgroom. Even our ex-Geography teacher, Mrs Lew was there too. We left the place an hour later with do’a that the happy couple will live happily ever after….

The Wedding Ceremony

Raja Nazrin Shah sat between Novan (left) and Azreen (right)

Upacara memotong kek. Pengantin diiringi oleh pengapit pengantin perempuan, Amanda.

Rakan-rakan CBN yang sama-sama hadir memeriahkan majlis sekaligus membantu mengabihkan lauk.

Pakat-pakat mengambil berkat

Semoga bahagia ke akhir hayat

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